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Top Reasons You Need A Driving Record

The Type 3A Certified Driving Record is a Certified State Report of your entire Driving History. All drivers in the state of Texas should have an accurate report in hand that's accurate and current.


What's included in the Report?

  • Any and all accessed point(s) attached to your driver's license.
  • The current status of your Texas Driver's License.
  • Traffic Violation(s) codes.
  • Any fines for violations.
  • Convictions for any violations.
  • Reported Traffic Accident(s).
  • DUI, DWI Conviction(s) on Public Record.

 Insurance Purposes


Your insurance carrier will likely use the information on your driving record to determine your monthly/annual costs. If your driving record contains false, inaccurate or out of date information you may be overpaying.

License Renewal Time

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At license renewal date Texas may asses additional surcharge fees for items on the Driving Record. In some cases, renewal may even be denied due to inaccurate information. Nobody wants a surprise of increased insurance rates, additional fees to renew, or a denied renewal. This experience could be a hassle and consume much of your free time to resolve.

Traffic Ticket Dismissal/Purposes


When submitting your Defensive Driving Course Completion Certificate to clear a traffic ticket most courthouses require a copy of your Certified Type 3A Driving Record. A driver may take a Defensive Driving Course one (1) time annually. Please be sure you have an updated version of your Record when taking the a Defensive Driving Course.



You may need to include an accurate copy of your Certified Type 3A Driving Record to a potential employer from time to time. If there is inaccurate information on the report it may affect employment status or the ability to get hired.

Getting Your Driving Record is as Easy as 1-2-3!

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